Meadows Map

Tell us about your wildflower meadows

We are searching for meadows and grasslands across the UK with common plants, including:

  • Betony
  • Cowslip
  • Common / black knapweed
  • Wood crane's-bill
  • Common / greater bird's-foot-trefoil
  • Oxeye daisy
  • Yellow rattle
  • Ragged-robin
  • Orchids (for example common spotted orchid, pyramidal orchid and bee orchids)
  • Crested dog's tail

If you need help identifying these plants see our identification guide.  The information you send us will be used to map where there are wildflower meadows.  Share with us why you find these places so special.

To show everyone your meadow, please do the following...

  • Zoom in to the location that you visited
  • Click on the map, a pointer will appear on the map (the pin can be moved by dragging it, should you need to fine tune its location)
  • Click on the pin and a form will appear
  • Complete the form and click "Continue to upload photo..."
  • Optionally select a photo you want to upload and then click "Continue" to share your experiences