Family Activities

Ever wanted to create a mini-meadow in your back garden or flower bed?

Our how to create a mini-meadow leaflet describes what to do to make a flower-rich area of your garden.

Ever wondered what that wildflower was? Or how to spot a Common Blue?

Our Species Spotter and Get to Know... sheets are designed to help you and your family explore the wildlife in a meadow. Download a free copy by clicking the links below:

Spotter sheets

Meadows have a high biodiversity which means they are home not only to a wide variety of plants but also to a wide variety of animals, for example different birds, bees and dragonflies. The spotter sheets provide pupils with a focus to explore this biodiversity further.

Get to know... sheets

Plants belong to different families and members of the same family share traits or characteristics. These sheets have been designed as a stimulus to allow pupils to explore variety between families and shared similarities within families. They build observation and perception and enhance botanical literacy.