A cookie is a piece of data about a website that is stored in your web browser.  Cookies are often used to store choices about how you use the site to improve your user experience.  The Save Our Magnificent Meadows website makes use of cookies in this way, and also to help us get a feel for what it is you’re all looking at.  They’re anonymous, they only give us information about the number of visitors to our site, so we don’t know what you personally are looking at just that someone has looked at what you’ve looked at.

Some bits or our site rely on cookies but we’ll tell you where and when.  Most browsers will allow you to control how cookies are handled, whether they are accepted and how long they are stored for.  All browsers do this differently but if you’re concerned about privacy and security then please have a look in the ‘help’ documentation for your particular browser.

We may also make use of some simple image files provided by suppliers to help measure the usage of our site.  They are tiny and transparent so they can’t be seen and won’t make any noticeable difference to your experience, nor do they give away any personal data.