The Cotswolds Conservation Board are the lead Save Our Magnificent Meadows partner in the Cotswolds.

Focus is on restoring land that reconnects isolated species-rich grassland fragments along the Scarp and within the river valleys. Our Conservation Officer, Eleanor Reast, has been delivering advice to landowners on the management of species-rich grassland throughout the Cotswolds. Seed harvesting took place in various meadows last summer and the collected seed has since been broadcast on sites local to the donor fields. The project hosted a number of popular landowner workshops on grassland restoration and the benefits of species-rich grassland for horses. Another restoration workshop, specifically for horse owners, is being lined up for this coming May.

Volunteers have been carrying out botanical surveys, harvesting wildflower seed, practical habitat management and helping with meadow-themed events. Volunteers have been given free training on wildflower ID, butterfly and bumblebee ID, botanical survey skills and scything. We are always looking for more hands to join us on an ad-hoc basis – biscuits, tea and good humour guaranteed! Over the coming months we are especially keen to recruit botanists to survey recently reseeded sites.

Contact Eleanor Reast for more info –

In the Cotswolds, Magnificent Meadows is delivered with support from Avon Wildlife Trust, Batheaston Freeholders Association, Buglife B-Lines, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the National Trust.